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Welcome To Buckeye Mini Trucks, Central Ohio's Source for Off Road Japanese Mini Trucks



Welcome to Buckeye Mini Trucks your source for "The Ultimate Off Road Utility Vehicle".  " Mini Trucks" as we call them are small trucks imported from Japan for off-road use in the U.S.  If you have never seen these vehicles before and you are in the market for an off-road utility vehicle please check out our site.  I have no doubt that once you see the advantages and the versatility of these vehicles,  no other ATV or utility vehicle will come close.   So take your time and look around. 


Mini Trucks are Used Trucks imported from Japan for Off-Highway use in the US.  The Mini Truck also known as the Kei Truck originated in Japan in 1964.  In Japan they are used for everything from work on the farm to deliveries to fire engines. There are no full size pick-up trucks like the ones we are familiar with over there.  Instead they have the Kei Truck, and in Japan these little trucks can be seen everywhere from downtown Tokyo to remote villages in the mountains.  The term Kei refers to a the Kei class of vehicle in Japan which is a sub-compact class with engine displacement limited to 660cc.  In Japan there are several inherent advantages to these small vehicles, and the most obvious has to be their size.  The compact size of these vehicles allows them to go almost anywhere, through small city streets, or on narrow country roads through the rice patties.  The second biggest advantage of these vehicles is that they have a low cost of ownership.  In Japan you must pay a yearly property tax on your vehicle that is based on engine displacement, for larger cars this can be over $1000 per year!  But for a Kei class vehicle it is a flat rate of about $80.   There is also a yearly inspection fee called Shaken for vehicles older than 3 years that can be quite expensive up to $1000 per year, and again small cars have a much better rate, but it can still be expensive for older vehicles.  These three factors benefit us in the US market as well.  Since the popularity of these vehicles is so high there is a large pool of vehicles available for import to the US, and due to the inspections and taxes imposed on older vehicles there are many high quality low mileage vehicles available in the market at reasonable prices.  


 Anything, these trucks have a thousand different uses like farm utility vehicles, off-road hunting vehicles, maintenance vehicles for schools, university campuses, golf courses, large factories, shipping yards, warehouse facilities, large ranches or dairies, horse stables, theme parks, camp grounds, airports, orchards, landscaping companies, nurseries, local municipalities,  security companies, movie sets, cemeteries, the possibilities for these trucks are endless.   Compare a Mini Truck to any of the other UTV's on the Market!

Check out one of the Custom Trucks  we built with  72" Snow Plow, Dump Bed Conversion, 3" Lift, 23" tires on aluminum rims, Off Road Lighting and Rear Receiver

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If you have any questions about Mini Trucks or what they can do for you give us a call or send us an e-mail, we will be happy to answer any questions you have.  

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